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What makes your business competitive?

The answer is a winning combination of cutting edge insights and business expertise. For many large companies, the challenge lies in engaging the talents within their business who can help them build the working behaviours and team structures that will foster innovation and increase productivity.

At the Hot Spots Movement, we are committed to helping businesses achieve this. Whether you want to draw upon the collaborative intelligence of your existing talent pool, diagnose and build your collaborative capabilities or ensure your business attracts the brightest up-and-coming talents, we have a programme to suit your needs.

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Diagnose your collaborative capabilities

Empower your teams by helping them become more proficient at collaboration. Our unique, in-depth diagnostic, gives you a 360-degree view of how each team functions and where there is room for better collaboration, greater innovation and increased productivity.

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Use our FoWlab Jams platform

Identify, strengthen and future-proof your organisation using our FoWlab Jams platform.

Using our highly sophisticated platform, you can engage employees in collaborative problem-solving and ensure your future has a competitive edge.

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Future of Work

Join the Future of Work (FoW) Research Consortium

Join the impressive list of more than 80 global organisations that are or have been members of our Future of Work Research Consortium. We launch three new themes every year to ensure you are on top of the multiple trends that impact on how work will be structured in years to come.

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